“They're very thorough, they mean what they say, and they're true to their timelines.”

Christine Calderon

President of The Robin McGraw Revelation and Dr. Phil Foundation

The Challenge

The previous Aspire News App developers had gone out of business and the app was deleted from both Apple and Google Play, leaving many potential domestic violence victims stranded. Dogtown Media partnered with the Foundation to rebuild and renew the Aspire News App and implement new features that would be beneficial and help protect victims.

The Process

The key challenge for the Aspire News App was to implement exact location accuracy. The app acts as a masked app, since it appears like a regular news app, enabling a trusted contact to be notified about a potential dangerous situation without the perpetrator realizing the victim is doing so and becoming enraged. Understandably, location accuracy is essential as a timely response is crucial in these life-and-death situations.

Distress Messaging
Ability to send emergency SOS distress messages discreetly to a victim’s trusted contacts.
Trusted Contacts
The people who will receive the victim’s distress messages and can notify the appropriate authorities.
Links & Articles to Get Educated
Domestic violence resources, opened in-app to leave no trace in browser history.
Top News
Masked app feature that showcases everyday news stories powered by Yahoo!, hiding the app’s true intent.
Help Resources
Tips for getting out of domestic violence situations along with corresponding national hotline numbers.
Quick Access to Privacy
If browsing the ‘Help’ section, one-click escape to make it appear like a victim is reading a news article.

The Solution

The final product works well for all instructor types, and is available for all mobile phone and tablet devices. By making the product inclusive, our vision of streamlining instructor to student communication on a mobile app can be reached globally.

The Result

The Aspire News app was recognized on Capitol Hill by the National Health Collaborative on Violence and Abuse as one of the two “best apps for domestic violence prevention”. The app has been downloaded more than 300,000 times across the globe.