The Challenge

California Coast Credit Union (Cal Coast), is the longest-serving credit union in San Diego County. Many students and young adults never have the opportunity to learn about the basics of finance and this could result in decisions that could negatively impact their lives for years to come. Cal Coast wanted to find a way to engage with these young adults in a manner that is engaging and fun while also helping them to learn about financial concepts that would benefit them for a lifetime.

The Process

  • Interviewed students and teachers to better understand their behaviors, interests, requirements and app preferences.
  • Conducted user testing with students using an interactive prototype to get feedback on app ease-of-use and intuitiveness.
  • Translated learnings from user interviews into a visual appealing and engaging user interface.
  • Software engineering to create a stable, scaleable, and secure app eco-system framework.

The Solution

Cal Coast chose Dogtown Media to ​design and develop an iOS and Android mobile application FinSense, to provide financial education to the youth of San Diego and Riverside Counties. The primary goal for the application is to help students and young adults to learn the basic financial  concepts of credit, investing and budgeting to help them make smarter decisions throughout their life.


This app includes the following:

  • Students select a profession and then are presented with real-world situations where they have to make a correct final decision.
  • Learning modules include: Building Your Credit Score, Budgeting/Saving, Understanding Loans, Investing with Success, Managing Debt, Banking Basics, Avoiding ID Theft.
  • Students receive points for correct answers and completing learning sections.

The Result

Cal Coast Credit Union has effectively engaged with students in Southern California and across the country after launching the FinSense app. Students frequently engage with the app ecosystem, learning valuable lessons about financial literacy which will have positive knock-on effects for them long into the future. Cal Coasts brand reputation has been enhanced amongst youthful demographics and parents alike.

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