Our custom banking and finance app solutions connect you to your customers where it matters — the phone in their pocket.

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We develop award-winning finance & banking apps
Our mobile apps add value to financial organizations and win awards in the process — most recently the Citi Mobile Challenge top prize for mobile banking solutions. Our team of tech veterans can guide you through the twists and turns of financial app development, simplifying an often convoluted and complex process.

The Android and iPhone app developers at our company can assist you in every phase of the mobile app development process. From fleshing out an idea to launching in the App Store, we have the industry experience necessary to make your financial app streamlined, attractive, and commercially viable.

Finance App Features
Account Balance & Transaction History
Back-end Systems & API Development
Business & Enterprise Solutions
User Experience & Interface Design
Mobile Check Depositing
App Security Consulting
Finance App Expertise
Cashing in with Banking and Finance Apps

Smartphones are revolutionizing our relationship with money. Retail transactions made with mobile phones are growing every year. Tracking the markets has never been easier, and the computing power and portability of mobile phones make them ideal for personal financial management.

For financial institutions, branded mobile apps have gone from a luxury to a customer expectation. Financial services from banks to brokers are discovering that apps allow them to cash in above their non-connected competitors.

Field-Tested Financial App Development Company

In many cases, the best business, banking, and finance app ideas don’t come from trained software developers with the skills to create and launch them. They come from finance and banking professionals, and companies in the business sector, who can see the end-user needs not currently served by the app market.

If you’re looking for a finance app developer with the right kind of tech industry edge, Dogtown Media offers comprehensive support at affordable rates.

Process-Oriented Business App Developer

We’ll begin by evaluating your app idea to identify the features that set it apart from those currently on the market. From there, we apply a creative yet methodical approach to finance app development, refining and expanding the software’s capabilities and designing an intuitive, effective interface.

Once the app’s functionality and interface have been finalized, we’ll proceed to the programming stage. This is one of the most demanding parts of the process, but our software development experts are up to any challenge, no matter how specialized or intricate the app’s concept might be.

Talent That Makes a Difference

In addition to one of the top technical teams in the industry, Dogtown Media also offers complete marketing and product launch support. That’s what sets us apart from other finance and banking app developers — our work doesn’t stop when the app is finished. We’ll also guide its transition into the marketplace, positioning the end product in prominent commercial channels where it will get noticed.

Dogtown Media’s combined expertise in project management, design and marketing along with top tier coding ensures that we can help design, program, and deploy a professional mobile app from start to finish that exceeds all expectations. Contact our expert mobile app developers for a free tech consultation.

“…the communication was vital to us. I definitely appreciated it.”

While the app hasn’t yet launched, its on-track development met expectations. Dogtown Media worked efficiently, providing updated products on two-week sprints and managing bugs. Open and communicative, they effectively brought colleagues together for joint planning, review, and troubleshooting.

5/5 Stars