Who We Are

What has the highest ROI? Hint: it’s not the S&P 500. It’s design.

UI/UX design for mobile apps forms the core of ongoing engagement. The right user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) — the frameworks and functions of an app that make it user friendly and easy to navigate— are essential to keep users coming back.

That’s why Dogtown Media has prioritized building an outstanding team of app UX/UI design wizards, gurus, ninjas, heroes... (you get the idea). Our cross-functional team has won prestigious awards from America’s top advertising, marketing, and tech bodies. If you want to 100x your ROI, let’s get creative!

What We Do

Close Collaboration

When it comes to effective UI/UX design, mobile apps require ongoing communication to ensure your team and our developers are on the same page. Daily design scrums to ensure that every project receives the love and attention it deserves. Constant client communication is a focal point - we relish in receiving feedback and want to make sure you don’t just like, but love our designs as much as we do.

Iterative Process

The design process is rarely linear and we believe that's a good thing. Our mobile app UI/UX design team adopts an agile, iterative process that constantly loops back to the client’s goals and end user’s experience. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adjusting to deliver the best designs possible. It’s our goal to exceed your expectations - to create mobile app experiences and interfaces that keep your users engaged and keep them coming back for more.

Need a UI/UX designer for mobile app projects that can help you make the most of your application design, development and deployment? Dogtown Media has you covered.

Let’s build something better — together.

Awards We’ve Won