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Apps That Allow You to See the World in New Ways
We’ll never look at our world the same way again. Through a combination of computer-generated sensory inputs, Augmented Reality (AR) has shown us a vision of the future we can’t ignore. Digi-Capital estimates that the AR market will reach a value of $120 billion by 2020.

By enhancing our environment, AR has set the stage for a world where this new technology plays an integral role in how we socialize,Interact with the world around us,, and how we work — it is going to revolutionize how we live. If you’re looking to bring an augmented reality solution to the market, let us help you bring your vision to reality through our augmented reality app development expertise.

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A Future Immersed in Innovation

Per reports from the International Data Corporation, the AR/VR market was worth $6.1 billion in 2016. Currently, it sits at approximately $14 billion. By 2020, this market will be at $150 billion, with AR being responsible for four times the $30 billion value that VR is forecasted to be at during this time.

AR accounts for such a staggering portion of the future total market worth because instead of simulating the real world like VR, it is applied to the real world. This fundamental difference allows AR to be utilized in a plethora of ways that are already making it indispensable to numerous industries. Our augmented reality app development services can help you capture these benefits for your enterprise.

Capitalize on the Advantages of AR

By 2020,  AR will have 1 billion users, and hardware device shipments will reach 65 million units. The number of ways to use it will seem virtually limitless, and society will be well on its way towards embedding it in our daily lives. The main proponent of this driving growth will be mobile AR.

Utilizing AR on a mobile platform allows this technology to bypass the main barriers impeding it from mass adoption. Currently, mobile AR is known for transforming the landscape of the retail and gaming industries. But its versatility and unparalleled ability to immerse are the key elements allowing it to disrupt other fields in unorthodox ways. Real estate, manufacturing, maintenance, healthcare, tourism, and marketing are all benefiting from AR right now. And this is just the start.

Revolutionize Reality with Us

Realizing your vision for AR can be hard. That’s why we’re here to help with comprehensive AR application development capabilities. With the right expert by your side, connecting the digital world with the physical world becomes a more tangible endeavor. Whether you have a concept drawn out on a napkin or an app in progress, we’ll make it possible for everyone to see your vision with our AR app-making expertise.

We stay up-to-date with the latest trends in AR technology to identify evolving opportunities and key areas for impact. Augmented reality application development can be intimidating. Let us help turn your vision for AR from thought into reality. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Dogtown Media’s expertise in project management, design, development, and marketing ensures that the mobile app we deploy for you exceeds all expectations. Contact our expert augmented reality app developers for a free tech consultation.

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Dogtown Media’s expertise in project management, design, development, and marketing ensures that the mobile app we deploy for you exceeds all expectations. Contact our expert AR app developers for a free tech consultation.

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