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What is Remote Therapeutics Monitoring?

Remote therapeutics monitoring is the practice of using medical technology to monitor health conditions including, but not limited to, the cardiatric system, the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, therapy adherence, therapy response, and other biological systems in patients. And although the name suggests otherwise, RTM supports a variety of other remote monitoring services that differ from the physiological categories.

Massive Opportunity for the Future of Medicine

With any new emerging technology or service, it’s important to ask the question, “Does becoming an early innovator in this space offer a strong business opportunity?” We believe when it comes to remote therapeutics monitoring, the resounding answer is “Yes”.

Brought upon by the digital transformation paired with patient’s preference for remote care, Telehealth services – including services such as remote therapeutics monitoring – is projected to grow at an astonishing 32.1% CAGR by the year 2028. This creates a phenomenal opportunity for early innovators in the space. 

Those who understand this paradigm shift are bound to reap tremendously in tomorrow’s healthcare market.

Remote Therapeutics Monitoring - Dogtown Media App Development RTM -Ebook
Remote Therapeutics Monitoring - Dogtown Media App Development RTM -Ebook

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“mHealth is transforming the way that we conceptualize Healthcare.
From diagnosis to treatment, apps reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, leading to a healthier society”

Marc Fischer

Co-founder of Dogtown Media