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App Development That Leverages Artificial Intelligence
Advancements in AI over the last few years have ushered in a new era where man and machine work together in ways once thought to be impossible. Autonomous vehicles, image recognition, medical diagnosis, and even prediction of judicial decisions are some of the numerous ways the power of AI is being leveraged right now. And this is just the start.

AI applications are virtually unlimited, but utilizing it properly can prove to be difficult. Fortunately, not only are machines getting smarter, but we’re getting better at using them. Our assembled team of tech veterans ensures that you’re empowered by AI, not intimidated. No matter how complex your idea for an AI app is, we’ll simplify the creative process to keep you looking sharp and smart with our complete AI mobile app development services.

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The Age of AI Is Here

AI may already seem to be everywhere already, but this disruptive dynamo is just getting started. In 2016, the AI market was valued at $1.4 billion. Research from Tractica predicts that this market will be worth $60 billion by 2025. In a study encompassing 12 developed economies, Accenture found that AI could double their economic growth rates by 2035.

A recent PwC study revealed that 72% of business leaders find AI to be an advantage right now and think it will be a fundamental part of the future. It’s no wonder why — AI is expected to transform business by increasing productivity by 40 percent, allowing people to optimize their workflow. Our artificial intelligence application development expertise empowers you to harness this potential.

Capitalize on the Advantages of AI

The impact that AI will have on the future cannot be understated, and those that understand this now can capitalize on the advantages it offers. Besides boosting the economy, AI can also save you substantial amounts of time. Many businesses are already looking to AI to take care of time-consuming tasks like paperwork, timesheets, and data analysis.

AI also drastically simplifies decision-making. Machine Learning, a current AI application, utilizes automation to glean, learn, and make informed decisions from massive amounts of data. This field is estimated to be worth approximately $20 billion in 2025. Its potential is already being realized in healthcare, the automotive industry, and economic forecasting.

Awesome AI App Development

Without an expert on artificial intelligence in mobile app development, it’s hard to fathom all of the benefits that AI offers. Don’t fret, because we’re here to help. Whether you’re an enterprise experimenting with a new concept or trying to build out an app for mass market implementation, Dogtown Media can be your AI app developer dedicated to harnessing the power of AI to make your vision a reality.

Like good AI, we take care of the convoluted and complex to bring you a simple, elegant solution through our AI Android app development capabilities. We leverage the most recent technological developments so that you’re ready to capitalize on prime opportunities. If you have an idea for utilizing AI technology, we’d love to hear it. Feel free to contact us at anytime for a no-obligation consultation on how you can simplify with AI.

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Dogtown Media’s expertise in project management, design, and marketing, along with top-tier coding, ensures that we can help design, program, and deploy a professional mobile app that exceeds all expectations. Contact our expert AI app developers for a free tech consultation.

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