“mHealth is transforming the way that we conceptualize Healthcare.
From diagnosis to treatment, apps reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, leading to a healthier society”

Marc Fischer

Co-founder of Dogtown Media

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Medical Mobile App Development

We are mHealth app developers that aim to create a positive impact via life-saving mobile solutions. The medical sector is one of most under-served industries in terms of mobile app technology, despite the countless use cases to aid in the diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and monitoring of health and wellness. We strive together with healtcare leaders and providers to improve the quality of delivered and patient outcomes through mHealth app development.

Our Capabilities

HIPAA Compliant

Security is our highest priority and all medical apps we create meet rigorous standards to ensure HIPAA Compliance. Unique User Authentication, Automatic Logoff, and Encryption are just some of the many data considerations we plan for to ensure you app meets all required regulations and protects your patient’s confifential information in a safe and secure manner.


Dispense with paper quiestionnaires and collect patient survey responses digitally to obtain data regarding PROs or Patient Reported Outcomes. Inbuilt Likert charts can be conducted with an easy, swipe motion, allowing treatment effectiveness to be more efficiently measured and compared.


EHR Integration

As an Epic verified partner, our custom mHealth apps have EHR integration by design. Patient data is kept secure while available to the appropiate physicians in an easy-to-use format.


We continue to remain at the forefront of Healthcare innovations. Our focus on remote-monitoring has yielded exceptional results, including Battlefield One, an award-winning wearable at NATOS’s Defence Innovation Challenge.

Minneapolis Heart Institute

The Minneapolis Heart Institute app contains up-to-date cardiovascular emergency protocols, available to physiscians anaywhere and anaytime. The team at Dogtown Media developed the app to enable providers to have the tools at their fingertips that they need to ultimately save lives.