“We wanted a partner who had experience with nonprofits in the healthcare space and Dogtown met our requirements. The team was professional and responsive to our requests, which were many, and senior members of Dogtown stayed involved over the years we’ve worked together.”

Scott Sanford

COO at National Eczema Association

The Challenge

The National Eczema Association (NEA), is a patient advocacy, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for the 30+ million people in the U.S. affected by eczema through research, support and education. Eczema patients in the United States and globally were seeking a digital solution to track their symptoms, determine causes for flareups, find treatment options, and share critical information with their healthcare provider.

The Process

  • User research, analysis and design discovery
  • User flow diagrams using wireframes
  • High fidelity graphics with interactive prototype
  • Front-end development for iOS and Android 
  • Backend systems for storing user data and uploading content

Public launch on the app store’s, and scaling to tens of thousands of active members around the country. Continued updates and improvements to the app ecosystem over a continued multi-year product roadmap.

The Solution

An innovative mobile application that allows users to track affected areas on the body that may be experiencing ailments such as itching and pain. Available anywhere at any time, this app also allows users to track other daily activities such as stress and sleep, and it can even recommend potential treatment options for ailments experienced by users.  


This app includes the following:

  • Daily trackers for skin, itch, pain, triggers, sleep, stress, treatment and diet.
  • Store data in a HIPAA compliant backend system.
  • Notification reminders for medications and treatments.
  • Advanced surveys to better understand patient’s attitudes and behaviors.
  • Ability for patient to view trends over time for the various trackers,
  • Delivery of personalized eczema care content based on type of condition and tracker input data.
  • Ability to take and store pictures of affected skin areas.
  • Easily print tracking data to share during their next doctor’s appointment.

The Result

Since the release of this application, there has been overwhelming support by users. From easily tracking triggers and monitoring skin conditions to receiving customized educational content and push notifications for improved medication adherence, the NEA App is providing relief for eczema patients everywhere.

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