“Dogtown media were professional and responsive from initial design to development.”

Martin Dessart

Associate Website Officer at the United Nations

The Challenge

The United Nations reached out to us, and we specifically worked with ESCAP, a division of the UN which governs the Asia-Pacific Region, a population of 1.5 billion people. The UN is an international organization made up of people of over 200 different nations and as such needs to represent these diverse populations, share information and communicate with key stakeholders–effectively, efficiently and quickly.

The Process

Each UN branch command center required a method to communicate with their key stakeholders and notify them of upcoming events and emergency situations, all the while protecting their identity and security from external threats within the ESCAP jurisdiction.

We determined the creation of an app that is only available to members of the UN and stakeholders, contractors, and key members that support the UN’s infrastructure, was the most appropriate. In this manner, we enable secure and safe communication across international boundaries and diverse stakeholder populations.

Key Dates
To show National, International and UN Observed Holidays.
Interactive Calendar Scheduler
Overlay personal events, UN-focused events, and international diplomacy-focused events, in one location.
Data Porting
Ability to migrate key data into a user’s phone and calendar.
Location-based Information
Breakdown of UN locations, UN division contact information, further information about UN bureaus, and Quick forms to allow users to contact bureau representatives.
Critical Alert Notifications
Immediate communication of national emergencies, terrorism, natural disasters, and political upheaval, especially during general elections.

The Result

We created a native mobile app that could be downloaded by any UN stakeholder, employee, or contractor, and it gave them critical information at the palm of their hand. ESCAP was able to manage, communicate, and notify all relevant UN representatives to help them stay up-to-date, while protecting their personal privacy from potential dangers associated with the complexities of international relations across a culturally diverse region.