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Reach new levels of user engagement by adding notifications and glances to your existing iPhone app
The Apple Watch has disrupted the mobile notification system by bringing at-a-glance user notifications to users’ wrists. Watch users can quickly glance at their Apple Watch to get important information rather than reaching into their pocket to retrieve their iPhone. Apps written for Apple Watch support brief interactions by providing only the most relevant information in the most straightforward way possible.

Apple Watch apps and iOS integrated services promise to enhance any company that benefits from user notifications, putting your app’s message one step closer to your audience — not to mention one step above the competition. Is the Apple Watch is “just an accessory?” Sure, but only in the sense that your iPhone is “just a phone.”

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Many app development companies believe that the hard part is over once the app has been tested, refined and programmed. At Dogtown Media, we know better. Apple with its WatchKit collection of development tools and APIs enables Apple Watch app developers to build software with capabilities like swiping and actionable notifications. If you’re looking to partner up with a proven smartwatch app development company, we will be happy to explain our process and its benefits to you in detail.

Endless Mobile Application Use Cases

Apple Watch devices haven’t just transformed the app industry — they’ve transform the way people interact with each other and the world around them. Health, fitness, and communication services all become more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable when smartwatch wearables come into the equation.

WatchKit allows developers to incorporate “glances” capability into Apple Watch apps. Users can swipe the watch face to check up on news, events, and other time-sensitive information. Actionable notifications built with WatchKit also let users take action or respond from their wrist instead of fumbling for their iPhone.

Have an Apple Watch app idea but don’t know where to begin?

Dogtown Media’s team of experienced software developers can turn your Apple Watch idea into a fully functional and commercially viable reality. In conjunction with your iPhone, Apple Watch apps let you customize your experience in a more meaningful, personal context. Apple Watch app development melds function with fashion to create a new level of engagement for your life and schedule.

We use a proven development and refinement process that helps our clients understand and amplify the features that truly set their app apart from the competition. Our highly skilled iOS developers excel at creating engaging user experiences and coding app functionality.

With our guidance, you’ll see your smartwatch app idea come to life in ways you never thought possible.

Our industry experience is the secret sauce that will set your Apple Watch app above the competition. Contact us for a free initial mobile app development consultation.