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Drone Apps That Help You Ascend to New Heights
PwC anticipates the drone industry to be worth $127 billion by 2020. Goldman Sachs expects businesses and governments to spend approximately $13 billion on drone technology by 2020. The drone industry is just beginning to take off.

Drone technology has evolved beyond its military origins and proven to be invaluable in numerous industries. Yet, this is just the start. Drones are poised to have an immense disruptive impact on many more markets. If you have a concept you need help making a reality, come talk to us. We love helping pioneers take their app ideas to the skies.

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The Sky is the Limit

IBISWorld estimates that the drone industry is currently worth $3.3 billion. Per AngelList, drone startups garnered $1.9 billion just in venture capital. By 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration estimates 7 million drones will ship to the U.S., a steep increase from the current 3 million shipped in 2017, according to Gartner.

With many drones now costing less than stand-alone cameras of the same picture quality, it is no wonder that this industry is about to experience exponential growth. The return in value is more than impressive; drones are allowing for the creation of completely new business and operation models, even in industries untouched by other recent technological breakthroughs.

Going Where No Man Can Go

A future filled with drones is inevitable because drones can accomplish feats once impossible for humans alone. Every industry has its own unique set of needs. The versatility that drone technology provides allows these industries to tackle their problems with solutions that are often cheaper, faster, and safer than other options available.

The benefit of drones can already be felt in transportation. PwC estimates this value to be at $13 billion by 2020. But the unparalleled advantage on perspective has allowed drones to disrupt other economic sectors in even bigger ways. PwC also expects for drones to have an economic impact of $45 billion in infrastructure, $32 billion in agriculture, and much more in security, entertainment, insurance, and telecommunication.

Drone App Development and Distribution

With so much potential behind it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with drone technology. Being a pioneer can be tough. That’s why we’re here for you. Whether you’re an innovator trying to flesh out an idea or you’re an enterprise that needs help developing an app for mass market, we’ll be your co-pilot on the way to success.

We keep up with the latest disruptions in drone technology and identify prime opportunities for impact, so we’re ready for the twists and turns that come with drone app development. Leverage our app-making expertise to get where you’re going faster and with less turbulence. Let us take your concept from the drawing board to the skies.

Dogtown Media’s expertise in project management, design, development, and marketing ensures that the professional mobile app we deploy for you exceeds all expectations. Contact our expert drone app developers for a free tech consultation.