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Secure Your Future with Blockchain Technology for Apps
The future of finance is here. The rise of mobile banking, cloud computing, and peer-to-peer communication are disrupting traditional industry paradigms. Yet, the very real threat of cybersecurity breaches has impeded enterprises and small businesses alike from flourishing in this new landscape.

Blockchain Technology is a secure, decentralized ledger that records information transactions over the internet. Expedite transactions by authenticating them without the need for costly intermediaries. Activities like mobile banking, purchasing, and other forms of record-keeping remain accessible to you and protected from hackers.

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Smarter Security for a Smarter Future

Blockchain technology is poised to disrupt virtually all economies. By 2024, the global Blockchain market is forecasted to be worth $20 billion. By 2025, McKinsey predicts that Blockchain will not only be a mainstream transaction method, but the frontrunner to a new banking system.

An in-depth analysis by Accenture revealed that Blockchain technology could potentially cut investment banking infrastructure costs by as much as 30 percent. These savings are not limited to only finance, however. McKinsey also estimates that in the next few years, Blockchain technology will yield savings of approximately $60 billion in business-to-business transactions of all industries.

An Integral Role in the Future of All Industries

A technology that is secure, fast, transparent, and cuts costs simply sounds too good to be true. But these core characteristics are the reasons why Blockchain technology is quickly becoming ubiquitous. By being decentralized and distributed, Blockchain prevents fraudulent activity and remains accessible. This eliminates the need for a middleman, which not only speeds up transactions but saves money.

Blockchain technology extends far beyond just finance. Its improvement of the transaction process, an inherent aspect of economics, allows for its application in various industries. Blockchain technology is already being used to restructure supply chain logistics and commerce. It’s also being applied to identity management, healthcare, and real estate. New ways to leverage this revolutionary technology are emerging every day, but its potential has not even come close to being realized yet.

Blockchain Technology App Development and Distribution

Whether you’re testing out a new concept or you’re an enterprise building an app for mass market, we love helping innovators implement their vision of Blockchain technology.

We stay current with the latest technical developments, track areas ripe for disruption, and identify prime opportunities to leverage Blockchain technology. Our solution-oriented methodology ensures that our partners can seamlessly turn their ideas into real-world applications. If you have an idea for utilizing Blockchain technology, we’d love to hear it. Feel free to contact us any time for a no-obligation consultation.

Dogtown Media’s combined expertise in project management, design, and marketing along with top-tier coding ensures that we can help design, program, and deploy a professional mobile app from start to finish that exceeds all expectations. Contact our expert Blockchain app developers for a free tech consultation.