DM Crop – Photo Cropping iPhone App Component

Take your photo app to the next level with this customized image cropping script. Quickly resize images by editing the height and width dimensions. Remove portions of a photo by selecting any area of an image. Choose the area that you wish to keep and then cut out the rest.

The area you are selecting is the part of the photo that will be kept while the rest will be removed. The area outside of your crop is darker to show the portion that will be “cut out” when you crop your photo.

AV Foundation Framework:

Camera applications based on the AV Foundation framework unfortunately do not have the crop funciton built-in. However, we developed this component to solve that problem. You can now easily add this advanced crop script to any AV Foundation project, allowing images to be cropped and resized accordingly.

Photo Cropping Developer Tool Includes:

  • Easy to customize user interface
  • Buttons and other graphical elements
  • Simple touch to crop gestures
  • Ability to crop any image to any size
  • Easy to integrate script into new or existing apps

Image cropping effects are the perfect addition to any iPhone photo app. We’ve made the cropping feature easy to install into your app with minimal effort. Download and get started within minutes. *Note that the cropping tool has been built specifically for iPhone apps running IOS 4.3 or higher.