Have a cutting edge app idea but don’t know where to begin?


Dogtown Media’s Boston app developers provide a complete turnkey solution to those looking to turn their mobile app dreams into reality. Our team of hardened tech veterans can guide you through the twists and turns of app development, simplifying an often convoluted and complex process.

How we work

Our iPhone app development service creates a customized iPhone app solution to meet your specifications and scale accordingly to satisfy user demands.

The Boston mobile app developers at our company can assist you in every phase of the mobile app development process. From fleshing out an idea to submitting a finalized app into the iTunes app store, we have the experience and wherewithal to make your big dreams come to fruition at a price you can afford.

Challenges can arise during the app programming phase, which is why we’ve assembled a team of top Boston software developers. We constantly test, troubleshoot, and refine your app’s programming needs to ensure optimal functionality and easy integration with the various iPhone models and compatible devices.

When the programming phase is complete, your idea will have moved from a concept to a fully functioning app that’s ready for market. At this point, we’ll turn the task of connecting your app to a user base over to our software marketing experts.

While app design, development, and programming all pose challenges, one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to clear is getting your app noticed. App distribution can create difficult obstacles. After all, the mobile software market is highly competitive, and new products are being released all the time. It can seem overwhelming, and even the most talented app developers and programmers can feel lost without specialized distribution and marketing guidance.

Our consultants offer refined, proven strategies for getting your app into the hands of a wide base of potential users. If you would like to learn more about our process, or if you have any other questions about our services, please contact us for a free initial development consultation.

We Love Our Clients!

Who we are

We’re a disruptive mobile app development company creating cutting-edge apps that go beyond the expected to deliver the exceptional. To accomplish this goal, we’ve built a mobile app development service that starts with technology and infrastructure and extends beyond the digital to encompass the relational side of application development. For our experts, it’s about getting to know your company — what you need and want in an app, how you’re planning to use it, distribute it and support it over time — and then creating an application design and development framework that‘s customized, not cookie-cutter.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our app development teams. Founded by a team of tech veterans who recognize and recruit the best, we’ve built a reputation as mobile app developers who are fully committed to client projects and go above and beyond to deliver on what we promise.

No matter where you are in your application development journey, Dogtown can help. Have an idea but don’t know how to get it off the ground? Our mobile app developers can get you started. Have something in development that’s stalled out part of the way through? We’re ready to get your project rolling again. Have a completed app but not sure how and where to get it noticed? Let us help with the distribution. From startups to enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve helped all types of businesses make the most of their mobile apps — and we can help you.

Why Develop With Dogtown?

App development is about more than making a great idea into a great app: It’s about creating an experience for users that they won’t forget and forging partnerships that last beyond current development cycles. It’s about connecting with passionate, dedicated people who love what they do and are looking to make an impact.

In practice, this means there are more than a few good reasons to develop with Dogtown, including:

End-to-End Support

As a full-service mobile app developer in Boston, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end support. In practice, this means we’re here when you need us, ready to do whatever it takes to make sure your apps get up and running and work as intended.

Cost Control

Technology advancements make it possible to develop your own apps in-house — but possible doesn’t always mean advisable. From the time and effort required to develop, code and test apps to the certification and approval process for app store distribution, it’s easy to end up way over budget for even “simple” mobile apps. With Dogtown, you know exactly what you’re going to get and how much it’s going to cost.

Ongoing Assistance

After your application goes live, we’re not going anywhere. Need help with distribution, want to add new features or adjust key functions to maximize the overall user experience? We’ve got you covered with ongoing assistance.

Industry-Leading Experience

Our experience in app development isn’t confined to Boston. At Dogtown, our experts have spent years honing their creative craft across the country, making us the ideal choice for all your app development needs. Bottom line? We’re not just one of the leading app development companies in the country. Although we do regularly rank on “Inc. Magazine’s” list of the 5,000 fastest-growing businesses in America, the secret to our success lies in the relationships we create with our clients. The more we know about what you need and how we can help, the better we’re able to deliver mobile apps that exceed your expectations and keep your users coming back for more.

From our office on Atlantic Avenue, we serve the entire city, including nearby communities such as Allston, Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Hyde Park, Mission Hill, Roslindale and the Wharf District.

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    Corinne Worldwide Breast Cancer
  • Their work has made my life easier by automating features in the app that I was doing manually.

    George University of Oklahoma
  • Their work exceeded my expectations and was much less expensive than I anticipated.

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  • Our relationship, especially for a tech novice like myself, was very gratifying.

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  • Dogtown Media were professional and responsive from initial design to development.

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