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From start to finish, Dogtown Media has everything covered when it comes to developing applications for UK based entrepreneurs; making sure each project is completed on time and within budget. Our team of hardened tech veterans can guide you through the twists and turns of app development, simplifying an often convoluted and complex process.

We offer customised iPhone app solutions tailored to fit your exact requirements and scale with user demand 

Our versatile team of London app developers can handle any task, no matter how complex. In addition to creating custom apps for individual clients, we also develop mobile applications that are tailored specifically to the needs of businesses and other organisations. From fleshing out an idea to submitting a finalized app into the App Store, we have the experience and wherewithal to make your big dreams come to fruition at a price you can afford.

At Dogtown Media, we are passionate about providing the best possible user experience with every app we design. Our team of experienced designers take great care to ensure that each and every aspect of an app–from the intricate icon set designs to the intuitive user interface–is tailored specifically to meet the needs of our clients in the United Kingdom. 

We understand that designing a great application requires more than just a sharp eye for aesthetics; it also requires an in-depth understanding of how users will interact with the product. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to app design, taking into account even the smallest details such as button size, font choice and colour palette. Our aim is to ensure that each component contributes towards creating an enjoyable, visually engaging and highly functional user experience. 

To achieve this, we take time to analyse and consider every element carefully before beginning any work. We define all aspects of the app’s design clearly upfront so that everyone involved can be sure they’re getting exactly what they want. This level of attention to detail helps make sure that our clients get an amazing end result that meets their expectations without missing any important features or sacrificing usability. 

Creating an app can be a highly time consuming and technically daunting process, especially for those based in the UK. Programming software requires a high level of skill and precision to ensure that apps are not only functioning seamlessly but also minimising the chance of any crashes occurring. Whether you’re in the final stages of development, requiring rigorous testing or just starting out on your journey, our team can provide the cost effective programming assistance you need. 

Our team have years of experience developing mobile apps and web applications for a variety of industries throughout the UK. Our developers understand that time is money and will work quickly yet efficiently to produce code with impeccable accuracy to ensure that your app meets all your desired outcomes. We take great pride in delivering visually appealing apps with user friendly interfaces across all platforms that are bug-free, secure and fast loading. 

At Dogtown Media, we understand that for any app developer in the UK, finding the right answers to complex questions can be a difficult journey. As an experienced iPhone app development team based in London, we are well aware of the frustrations that come with developing a successful product. We’ve been there and have learned from our mistakes to craft innovative solutions to unique problems. 

Our development team is here to help you monetize your app, no matter what stage it is at. Whether it’s deciding on how best to price your app or sourcing effective marketing strategies, we can help save you both time and money. Our comprehensive approach ensures maximum efficiency when creating user friendly apps that solve real world problems faced by people across Britain. 

With our extensive knowledge of the industry and understanding of how apps work within the UK market, our team will arm you with all of the tools and resources needed for a rewarding experience no matter what type of application you want to create.

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Dogtown Media is a mobile app development firm with a distinct competitive edge. Established by an experienced team of tech professionals well-versed with the ever-evolving nature of app development, we can proudly say that our company stands head and shoulders above other mobile app development companies. Our commitment to professionalism and excellence helps us to create, program and deploy top-notch apps for our clients across a wide range of industries, from VC-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Dogtown Media has become one of the leading mobile app development companies in the UK due to its dedication towards creating cutting edge apps that solve everyday problems while providing an enjoyable user experience at the same time. With our professional expertise backed by years of experience in developing world class applications for businesses across various industries–be it startups or large corporations–we continue to deliver quality results each time.

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  • Dogtown Media developed a solution for a project considered impossible to do in the tech world.

    Josh Innovengine
  • Dogtown’s feedback and help has been invaluable. They're collaborative and truly want to be our partner.

    Corinne Worldwide Breast Cancer
  • Their work has made my life easier by automating features in the app that I was doing manually.

    George University of Oklahoma
  • Their work exceeded my expectations and was much less expensive than I anticipated.

    Parker Revision
  • Our relationship, especially for a tech novice like myself, was very gratifying.

    Mark Minneapolis Heart Institute
  • Dogtown Media were professional and responsive from initial design to development.

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