Do you have a cutting edge app idea, but don't know where to start?


A great mobile application can help your business stand out. If your app is widely available on popular app stores and gets rave reviews from users, it becomes the ideal vehicle for delivering great content and driving more sales.

But it’s not always a smooth road from design to development to deployment, especially as application coding technologies and customer expectations continually evolve. Not sure how to get started? Dogtown Media can help. Here’s how.

From Ideation to Implementation: The Dogtown Approach

As a full-service app developer in San Francisco, we’ve created a reliable and repeatable approach to application design and development that helps ensure your application ideas become actionable realities.

First, we connect with your team to unpack every aspect of your application idea (or current development stage) to understand what you’re looking for and what needs to happen to get your app where it needs to go. This means clearly defining all aspects of your application, from icon set designs to interface layouts to color schemes, to ensure the end-user experience is second to none.

Next, we tackle the heavy lifting of coding and testing your application. This starts with implementing basic functions and then testing your app to see what happens at every stage of the user experience. Do functions work as intended? Is your app easy to navigate and use? Will it keep users coming back?

Once your code is ready for submission to app stores, we’re here to help get it off the ground. From developing a monetization strategy through initial or in-app purchases to making sure your app gets noticed (and downloaded), our teams have the real-world experience to ensure your app development project flows smoothly from initial design to coding to distribution.

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Cultivating Connection: The Dogtown Difference

At Dogtown, we know that being a great mobile app development company in San Francisco isn’t enough: Our clients need the confidence and connection that comes with a true mobile app partner, rather than simply a design and development firm.

This is the Dogtown difference. We’re committed to connecting with your team from day 1 to provide technical expertise and transparency about what we’re doing, why, and how it will help your business. We start by understanding your needs. What do you really want from your application? How will the right app impact your business? What’s your plan moving forward?

By cultivating connections both up-front and over time, our teams can help streamline the application development process. Have a question? We’ve got the answer. Need to make a change? We’re happy to help.


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How Our Mobile App Development Services Can Help Your Business

Why choose Dogtown as your mobile app developer in San Francisco? Sure, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth approach to development and a communication-first design framework, but our mobile app development services also offer key line-of-business benefits including:

Greater San Francisco Area

We serve the entire San Francisco area, including nearby Berkeley, Concord, Daly City, Fremont, Hayward, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and more. Whether your visiting the Golden Gate Bridge or a resident, reach out about your app project.

Cost control

Developing applications in-house can get very expensive, very quickly. If applications don’t work as intended or design flaws cause problems with UX and UI, businesses are faced with a hard choice: Start over and spend again, or consider money already spent a lost cause. At Dogtown Media, we build according to your budget, ensuring that you get what you pay for and don’t unintentionally overspend.

Reduced Risk

Designing and deploying apps comes with potential risks. From security issues to challenges with effective marketing and distribution, even small mistakes can make a big difference. With Dogtown in your corner, you get peace of mind that your application is ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Streamlined Processes

Complexity is a hallmark of application development. At Dogtown, our expertise and experience have helped create processes that streamline app design, coding and deployment to help get your app to market more quickly.

Industry-Leading Expertise

We’re more than just an app development company in San Francisco — we’re also consistently ranked as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Why? Because we’ve gained a reputation for in-depth industry expertise that helps us deliver exactly what clients want, whether they’re entrepreneurs just getting started, venture capital-backed companies, or Fortune 500 enterprises.

Long-Term Support

Even once your application is available in popular app stores, we’re not done. Our teams provide ongoing support for your app to ensure that issues are promptly resolved and distribution strategies are paying off. Need to make changes or improvements? We’re here to help whenever you need us.