“When Dogtown Media says that something’s going to be done, it just gets done.”

Michael D.

Founder/President of Fayr

The Challenge

62 million households suffer broken marriages. The anxiety of battling over expenses, timesharing, etc. can be a nightmare, and affects how children are being raised. Fayr helps parents be the best versions of themselves by keeping a clear record of shared responsibilities for their kids, and creating a better life for both parents and children.

The Process

Michael came to us with a dream and a vision, but not much of a plan or strategy for executing it. So we began with product development, from naming, branding and positioning the business, to identifying customer pain points and associated key performance indicators for each. We also helped Michael generate awareness for the app by getting him on a globally televised TV show, which led to financial backing from an A-list firm.

The Solution

Through emotional user experience interviews, we were able to uncover simple and intuitive ways to make the co-parenting process more manageable. The result was essentially a life management tool, enabling multiple users to sync child activities on one calendar, track expenses and pertinent messages, and even “check in” through a real-time location log. All of which can be easily exported into a PDF for any legal matters.

“I like that Dogtown Media has taken ownership of the project. In fact, they thought of extra detailed things that I hadn’t even thought of to incorporate.”

Michael D.

Founder/President of Fayr

The Result

An intuitive interface that seamlessly blends the four key user functions into one application.

Pricing Model

We built in a free 14-day trial for new users, with an automatic monthly subscription model moving forward after the free trial.


We also built a website to promote the launch of the app, including copywriting and brand positioning through the design phase.