“They created an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design that matches our brand identity, which we pride on being strong and recognizable. Their work exceeded my expectations..”

Parker Donaldson

Manager, Market Analysis & Project Management at Revision Military

The Product

Revision is a hardware solutions provider specializing in military-grade protective equipment, power management, and integrated systems. Revision discovered a vacuum in the military market for a portable battery that is optimized for a soldier’s day-to-day use, and as a result created the rechargable, versatile, and bomb-proof SharePack battery.

The Challenge

The battery’s innovation and ease of use was hindered only by the tiny interface built into’s it’s front panel – soldiers were having a hard time accessing it while wearing it as a part of their gear. We partnered with Revision to create an Android mobile and tablet experience that allows a soldier to control the battery from the palm of their hand, without ever having to adjust the battery’s position.

The Process

To streamline the in-app experience for our military users, we created a lean prototype and conducted user tests on an Air Force Base. Based on our findings, we worked with Revision to prioritize features, keeping usability and learnability as our core drivers.

We created custom graphics to further enhance the experience of using the app, allowing soldiers to quickly identify the different ports on the SharePack, and which piece of equipment they want to charge.

The Result

An app that keeps the user up-to-date on the status of the battery as well as the devices connected to it. For maximum flexibility, we created the SharePack app in both portrait and landscape formats.

Tablet Optimization

We also created a tablet-size version in portrait and landscape formats.