“OK Google, talk to ShoutOut.”

“Hey, I’m ShoutOut, give a birthday
shout to someone you love.”

The Idea

ShoutOut is a first of-its-kind AI chatbot developed for use on the Google Home
and Google Assistant platforms.

The team at Dogtown Media developed ShoutOut to showcase the conversational elements of Google Assistant with user-generated content. We explored different use cases that would fit this criteria, and decided on the fun yet simple task of sending joy through a Happy Birthday message.

The Process

Once we figured out what information we’d need to send a Happy Birthday message, like the recipient’s name and phone number, we created a conversation flow around how ShoutOut would interact with the customer in order to collect this data. The card was then designed around this flow, and the format in which it would be displayed to the recipient, which in this case is via MMS messaging. Finally, once we were ready for development, we made sure to familiarize ourselves with the Google AI interface, documentation and best practices.


Two challenges we faced during testing were Google Assistant’s inability to consistently capture phone numbers (or long number sequences) as well as uncommon names. By manually entering in data, and reworking the parameters, we were able to troubleshoot said issues for a well-rounded user experience that strikes a good balance between ease of use for the user and consistency from ShoutOut.

Google Home

““Using articial intelligence to bring happiness to loved ones is very rewarding and we can’t wait to deliver more joyful experiences like this as technology continues to evolve.”

Marc Fischer

Co-Founder/CEO of Dogtown Media

The Result

From Happy to Birthday in 60 seconds.

Google Assistant ShoutOut App