“They were extremely responsive and supportive and I never felt like I was working on anything on my own.”

Allison Dugan

UX Designer at Webdam

The Challenge

Webdam is an online asset management system. Clients, including Starbucks and Harvard University, upload and keep all their design assets including images, art work, logos on their website cloud platform. The challenge was to develop a mobile app for their web browser–a native solution that would integrate with their pre-existing website to create a seamless user experience for their well-respected clients.

The Process

Developing a mobile app for a current website is always a challenge due to pre-existing backends and APIs that are two different user experiences. We incorporated every aspect of the website in the app, from accessibility to ease of use, while adjusting for a mobile-first experience. We worked closely in tandem with their UX/UI design team, training them on Zeplin, Sketch, and other mobile app design tools they were not well-versed with, to ensure a consistency in the look and feel of the app when compared to the the website design.

The Solution

The mobile app we developed provided Webdam clients with an additional avenue to upload their artwork. The mobile app also possessed offline functionality for Webdam’s sales teams, giving them the ability to retain images offline through our asset storage feature.

Flow to save a file for offline use

The Result

The biggest advantage of having a mobile app version of the website was its offline functionality: for those in sales, they were now able to access their assets anywhere and anytime. Webdam described the app we developed for them as ‘more fluid, you can do more things, has more functionalities than our web, and it’s more intuitive to the user!’