America in the Slow-lane: Sleeping While the World Passes Us By

October 14, 2013 - 1 minute read

America’s living life in the slow-lane. The wealthiest and most powerful country on earth makes their citizens endure pitiful internet speeds befitting those of a Sub-Saharan African dictatorship. The United States is effectively losing out on hundreds of billions in lost productivity every year. Underinvestment in our critical infrastructure has already eroded America’s competitive advantage and led businesses to move abroad to settle in greener pastures. The repercussions of continued inaction are immense.

As an iPhone app developer I’m wired to the internet morning, noon and night. I’ve seen firsthand how we are hobbled as we as a nation embarrassingly fall further and further behind the rest of the world. Will our leaders continue to fail us? How long can politicians cater to the will of lobbyists, kicking the can down the road while we watch this nation become a fading world power?

The challenges we face in a fiercely competitive global economy are immense. Decisions we make as a nation now will determine where we stand in the future.

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