App Store Sees 106% Growth as iPhone 7 Launches

September 8, 2016 - 2 minutes read

This has been a huge week for iPhone app developers.

First, thanks to an unintended (but much appreciated) social media gaffe, Apple users all over the world got a first look at promotional materials for the new iPhone 7 — and the first look doesn’t disappoint.

Second, in a press event to support the iPhone 7, CEO Tim Cook announced that year-over-year growth for the App Store has topped 106%. While much of this impressive growth may be due to the Pokemon Go phenomena, the stats are still good news for San Diego mobile app developers, some of whom have been worried by stalling growth rates across the tech sector last year. Cook also noted that the App Store has seen twice as much growth as their nearest competitor, describing its growth as “off the charts.”

As for the iPhone 7, what little we know points to small but meaningful improvements on previous editions more than a ground-breaking overhaul. And that’s a good thing, since consumer reaction to the last iPhone was excellent. For iPhone app developers, rocking the boat on hardware isn’t nearly as ideal as satisfying customers with a reliable, predictable product that meets daily needs.

The iPhone 7 launch announcement came via a since-deleted Twitter post, which promised a new camera, water-resistance, stereo speakers, and a longer battery life than its predecessor.

Apple and the iPhone app development community are primed and ready to ride the wave of good news into the Christmas season. With over 140 billion app downloads to date, the Apple App Store has proven its relevance in the age of app fatigue.

The Apple Watch re-release and buzz around iOS10 will add fuel to the fire and make this fall a lucrative time for iPhone and iPad app developers looking to solve problems with inventive mobile apps.

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