Apple Watch Reaches 1,300 native Apps

November 17, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Chicago mobile app developers have been quick to jump on the Apple Watch train, and Apple’s Q4 fiscal report shows that over 1,300 native apps have reached the app store since the device’s release. WatchOS 2 has clearly surpassed expectations, and developers have clearly been eager to utilize the new platform for dedicated Apple Watch apps, as opposed to the out-of-the-box apps that only work tethered to an iPhone.

Aside from the 1,300+ native Apple Watch apps currently available, Apple CEO Tim Cook indicated in a public statement that over 13,000 compatible apps are currently available. As it stands, the utility of the Apple Watch is strongly linked to its use in conjunction with other devices. That being said, the surge in growth of native apps is sure to upset that balance — especially as consumer adoption of smartwatches becomes more prevalent in coming seasons.

While the Apple Watch hasn’t shown growth on the same level as the iPhone at initial launch, Apple spokespeople maintain optimism about the future of the device. The company reported $51.5 billion in revenue, citing device sales of 5.7 million macs in the quarter, alongside 48 million iPhones. Interestingly, Cook declined to comment with exact numbers on Apple Watch sales, saying only that the figures were higher than expected.

As similar devices enter the market — as well as hybrid smartwatches like the Microsoft Band — it will be intriguing to note how the ratio between native and tethered apps on the Apple Watch stabilize. Regardless of whether the fast growth trend continues, iPhone and iPad app developers can be expected to develop new ways to elevate the device’s usefulness on a day-to-day basis, both as an extension of other mobile devices and as its own platform.

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