Black Friday Boosts Apple iOS Sales to Soaring Heights

December 9, 2013 - 2 minutes read

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According to the mobile marketing and e-commerce trend-tracking company TapSense, Black Friday 2013 was a major windfall for mobile shopping via Apple’s iOS operating system. Consumers made mobile purchases in record numbers, and once the dust settled, staggering sales statistics emerged from major markets across the United States.

The overall numbers showed a huge month-over-month jump between October and November, with Black Friday helping to fuel a 64 percent spike in the average number of daily purchases. Looking at the dollar value of an average purchase, the gains were even more impressive — November’s was 76 percent higher than October’s. In New York City, the average value of an Apple iOS mobile purchase was a whopping $150. San Francisco saw an average purchase value of $90, while Chicago and Los Angeles clocked in with averages of $80 and $60, respectively.

Apple’s newer mobile operating systems got a heavy workout in November, with 90 percent of sales being completed on iOS 6 or newer versions. A robust 70 percent of iOS mobile sales were made on the iOS 7 system. These statistics indicate that there continues to be strong growth potential for the mobile app developer community looking to create e-commerce support software.

As most industry observers expected, Wi-Fi sales accounted for the vast majority of mobile purchases. Nationwide, 88 percent of Black Friday mobile purchases were made over Wi-Fi Internet connections. TapSense is one of the country’s leading mobile marketing platforms, with a long list of prominent clients including companies like Expedia, Amazon, eBay, Viator, Fab, Redfin and Trulia.

With mobile sales continuing to trend ever upward, iPhone app developers in Houston and around the United States have unprecedented opportunities to develop exciting and potentially profitable mobile applications. Retail commerce’s continued adaptation to new technology will only fuel stronger growth in the future.

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