Bluetooth-Enabled Shoes Will Disrupt Your Workout

September 4, 2014 - 2 minutes read

A new insole manufactured by India’s Ducere Technologies PVT may be poised to make a big splash in the growing market for smart athletic apparel.

The company’s Lechal “smart shoe” features a Bluetooth-connected inset which can interface with Google Maps to track your location, providing route suggestions and directions if you take a wrong turn. “Lechal” is a Hindi word which roughly translates as “take me with you.” The actual shoe is designed for high-intensity running, and the insole is also capable of counting the number of calories you’ve burned as well as the number of paces you’ve taken since your workout started.

The Bluetooth insert has a wide range of other potential applications. Are you visiting a new city or country? Let the insole guide you instead of huddling over a map. Do you want an alternative to your in-car GPS system while you’re driving? Activate the insole’s location-tracking technology and free up your media system for listening to music. Your shoe will gently vibrate when you need to make a turn.

One of its most interesting features of the shoe is its ability to guide you to a specific destination. Simply interface with a Google Map, identify your destination, and let your shoes do the rest.

Professionals engaged with iPhone app development in Atlanta could adapt similar technologies for the American market. Ducere’s Lechal smart shoe is so versatile that it’s difficult to imagine it won’t catch on with the current generation of athletically inclined technophiles.

It’s critical for any mobile app developer to pay close attention to emerging trends in the markets and verticals they specialize in. Should Ducere’s Lechal smart shoe catch on the way many are predicting, it could open the flood gates for a whole host of similar technologies that will continue to challenge the way people engage in everyday activities.

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