Boost Your Brand With These Tips From Our CEO and Other Business Leaders

July 10, 2018 - 5 minutes read

Connecting with potential clients and customers can be a vexing conundrum. In a recent article for ReadWrite, author Frank Landman dives into this subject and takes a look at how business leaders like our CEO are rising above the noise to produce brands that stand out.

On Authenticity and Emotion

The established platforms for digital marketing have become oversaturated. To see this, look no further than your own Linkedin or Facebook feed. Consumers have also caught on to the tried-and-true ways of branding; as a result, they keep a tighter rein on their trust and loyalty.

In turn, we can no longer rely on status quo qualities like pricing and product details to get the job done. “Instead, emotion and affinity are what drives today’s consumers. For brands and marketers, using new technology to create better individual experiences that create emotional attachment and drive consumer engagement is paramount,” says RAPP’s global CEO Marco Scognamiglio.

Landman found data backing up Scognamiglio’s points: according to a recent report from Stackla, a content platform vendor, 90% of Millennials believe authenticity drives their support for a brand. And as much as 30% have abandoned an online brand because they felt it was disingenuous! In truth, an authentic, multi-platform approach is best. Let’s take a look at some of those avenues.

Move Your Audience With Mobile Apps

Consumers spend an average of five hours on their phones each day, cycling through an average of nine apps. And while mobile app downloads reached nearly 200 billion in 2017, all estimates point to this astronomical figure growing even more in the coming years.

Thinking of going this route? Then you should consider partnering with a professional mobile app development company to ensure its success. “The huge rewards to be had in mobile development have drawn hordes of potential startup success stories to the market, but only a select few break through to achieve financial success,” says our CEO Marc Fischer.

Marc transformed Dogtown Media from a local L.A.-based development studio into a world-famous innovator in disruptive app solutions — so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about mobile branding! “Partnering with a dedicated mobile app development company and planning your app for marketability from day one makes the difference between the success and failure,” he adds.

Giving Chatbots a Human Touch

Ever since the debut of Google Duplex, chatbots and AI-powered communication have garnered a lot of flak for being impersonal. But giving chatbots some customization and personalization actually turns out to be a wonderful way to engage your audience.

National Geographic and ASOS have experimented with this strategy. By incorporating a well-received sense of humor, both brands found great success during the limited time they were trying this. Starbucks and Whole Foods even implemented a more permanent chatbot into their branding. Imagine what a personalized bot like Apple’s Siri could do for your business.

VR = Real Business

“Virtual reality is becoming increasingly commonplace as a marketing tool for brands big and small,” explains Ashley Murphy, Director of Public Relations for Stribling & Associates. VR popularity has exploded in recent years, but it’s still far away from saturation. This makes it an opportune avenue to utilize for a brand — as long as you do it correctly.

“The challenge is using VR in a way that makes sense for your overall brand messaging and target audience. VR marketing is still emerging, so it’s a great time to explore your options and get ahead of the curve,” says Murphy. As with any marketing tool, Landman emphasizes that the important first step is establishing value and an authentic vibe.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Frank Landman and ReadWrite for featuring Marc and putting together this awesome article. For more great tips, check out the full article right here!

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