Dogtown Media Paints the World in Color with Beautify Earth

May 25, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Last Friday, Dogtown Media was honored to host the Sky’s the Limit Party in collaboration with Beautify Earth. More than 200 people came out to our offices to meditate, dance, and celebrate Trek Thunder Kelly’s new 5-story mural on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. By the end of the night, we had raised over $9,000 to go towards Beautify Earth’s mission to foster community art — and created a ton of great memories in the process.

Dogtown has long supported Beautify Earth in their efforts to blanket the world in color. Their mission is to replace urban blight with bold and inspiring murals with a message. They believe that art can turn a community around, building a sense of neighborhood pride and boosting local business. The idea is that if we can turn enough communities around, we can turn the world around too. We were thrilled to see our own community of Venice Beach app developers and friends gathered at our offices to commemorate a brand new piece of art in our neighborhood.

That new artwork is a beautiful 5-story mural of the sky, located right on the boardwalk. Painted by the subversive world-class muralist Trek Thunder Kelly, the mural includes the URL for the Climate Mobilization, a group that advocates for urgent action to curb climate change. Their message will be broadcast to the 16 million people who walk the boardwalk every year.

The Sky’s the Limit Party was one we won’t soon forget. It was a great opportunity for the app development community to get together with our other friends in Venice and support community art and climate change awareness. The money we raised will go towards new projects and education programs that seek out and nourish undiscovered talent.

If you couldn’t attend and would like to support Beautify Earth, please visit their website here.

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