Dogtown Media Ranked as a Top Los Angeles App Developer

July 14, 2015 - 2 minutes read

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We’re excited to announce that Dogtown Media has recently been named among the Top Los Angeles App Developers by Washington, D.C.-based research firm Clutch.

Clutch asked mobile app development companies, like Dogtown Media, to provide information about the services that they provide, as well as case studies, portfolio items and a list of notable clients. In addition, Clutch analysts reached out to some of our valued clients and interviewed them on their partnership with Dogtown Media. We were extremely pleased and humbled to see such a positive reaction from the references that spoke on our behalf.

When asked about their experience working with Dogtown Media, one of our valued clients stated:

mobile app developers 2015“For me, they act like they’re already part of your team, rather than just a vendor. They don’t wait for you to ask them things. They’ll call you and act like they’ve been employees the whole time, working on it. I like that. It makes you feel better than having to hound them for updates. They treat you like you’re their boss at work and that they’re trying to impress you. That is enlightening and very nice after what we dealt with before. That was my favorite part of working with Dogtown, outside their technical prowess.”

Another esteemed client admitted:

“We’re pleased with the work that they’ve delivered. They came in on time and on budget, so we’re happy. And they’ve also provided support without increasing the cost. They’ve been extremely generous in that respect. “

That same client later added:

“They’re extremely available and responsive. They’re young, and they’re very open to new ideas. They’re great at managing expectations and cost.”

We are honored to be included in Clutch’s research as it emphasizes the fact that technical excellence and client satisfaction are our top priorities. To learn more about how we were evaluated check out Clutch or browse through Dogtown Media’s Reviews. Our team of app designers and developers partner with startups and established organizations to take apps all the way from concept stage to launching live on the app store.

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