Dogtown Media Open-Sources Industry Experience in New Blog

August 5, 2016 - 2 minutes read
Dogtown Media moves to open-source their tech industry experience.

Dogtown Media moves to open-source their tech industry experience.

Startups face an uphill battle in today’s crowded app store, where only 10% of startups reach their financial goals. For many founders, the biggest roadblock to success is finding the information they need to lay a solid groundwork. Dogtown Media aims to solve that problem with their latest blog, The Startup Zone, by providing free guidance on how to build, price, and scale a mobile app idea.

Having been in the mobile business for over five years and contributed to over a hundred successful app store launches, the team at Dogtown has a huge wealth of resources to share with early-stage startups and founders.

“Our goal with The Startup Zone is to take the questions we frequently answer in our consultations, and make those answers freely available to the public,’ said Dogtown Media CEO Marc Fischer. “Questions like ‘how long does an app take to develop’ and “how should I price my app’ can have complicated answers, but we hope that “framing” the factors at play will help first-time entrepreneurs lay a sounder base for their first app.”

With over 1000 apps launched daily to the Apple App Store alone, standing out from the crowd has never been more important for San Francisco’s mobile app developers. Experience, strategy, and a stellar team are absolute necessities to rise in the rankings. Most newcomers to mobile development start out with none of those necessities — but with guidance from those who do, they can quickly catch up.

“We’re also working to decode the dense statistics around the mobile industry and turn those into actionable, useful content for founders,” said Fischer. “It’s easy to get lost in the sea of data available online. We believe parsing that data will save our clients, and the general public, a lot of time and money.” 

There’s a saying that “advice is cheap, but good advice is priceless.” Startup founders who stay tuned to Dogtown Media are sure to find some bargains — and, for the best of them, join forces to build innovative mobile startups.

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