Everything to know about mHealth Apps

July 30, 2021 - 6 minutes read

In today’s technologically sophisticated world there’s a major changing happening in health. 

Enabled by an expansion in technological capability and new opportunities in mobile application development, today’s smartphones are paving the way for users to gain more insight into their health. From fitness monitoring to wellness apps, mHealth – also known as mobile health – is an umbrella term that denotes the practice of medicine, or health-related services supported by a mobile device. And this mobile health revolution is fundamentally disrupting the healthcare industry.

Today, across the country from suburban cities such as New York and Los Angeles, to up-and-coming cities like Austin TX there are nearly 500,000 mHealth apps available through mobile app stores supported by such platforms as Apple and Android. And even with the immense amount that’s taken place in the mHealth space over the last 5 years, the sector is estimated to reach a whopping $289.4 billion dollars by 2025! What’s the reason for this massive uptick in growth? It all comes down to user sentiment. 

What’s Driving mHealth Growth?

At the foundation of mHealth growth is a shift in the resoundingly positive response we’ve seen from individuals in how they feel receiving health-related services via a mobile app. A recent report produced by Grand View Research found that the mHealth market is currently valued at 40.5 Billion in 2020 is set to grow at an exponential rate to its target value of $289 billion by 2025 and continue at a 17.7 % increase into the foreseeable future. 

Potential in mHealth Apps

With this incredible growth in mHealth apps, it makes a person wonder what is driving this shift in user sentiment? The simple answer is opportunity. With new ways for users to access medical services, insight, and health-related services all from the convenience of their mobile phone, we’re finding a shift in how individuals feel about mobile health services. This access to new technology and early providers of mHealth services entering the market acts as a litmus test showing that consumers are ready for mobile to play a major role in how they receive health services. 

Some examples of the value mHealth can provide:

  • Sleep monitoring
  • Integration with medical devices to provide device information
  • Mental health services by facilitating remote counseling services
  • Transmit medical records and information
  • Fitness tracking and general fitness applications

What Are Some Examples of Success mHealth Apps?

This begs the question of what mHealth apps are proving to be effective in the mobile application industry. We’ve spent some time digging into the mHealth space and gathered a few examples of some of the most popular mHealth apps. 

Kardia Mobile – Kardia is a consumer medical device that pairs with a mobile application geared towards providing users with vital heart information. Kardia captures medical-grade EKG data at any time. This can be a phenomenal mHealth app for individuals who have life-threatening heart conditions and need to be able to gather life-critical information anytime anywhere. 

Medisafe – Medisafe is a medication management platform that helps patients by reminding them to take medication. This intuitive monitoring and management platform provide incredible benefits to patients who may experience challenges remembering to take their medication or have trouble remembering if they took their medication. This and other similar services have been incredibly beneficial in the age of covid when in-person doctor visits and in-home checkups are less common due to the nature of

Fitbit – Fitbit is an activity tracker that monitors the steps a user takes per day. These wearables can also measure things such as heart rate and other health metrics to give you a better assessment of your activity and whether or not you are hitting your health goals. Paired to a mobile application, these devices offer uses the capabilities to check their health metrics on the go via their initiative mobile dashboard.

Opportunity for Entering the mHealth Sector

With mHealth adoption on a tear, now is a better time ever to enter the mHealth market. As a trusted development partner for many organizations bringing their applications from idea to the app store, we’ve seen how exciting of a time this can be to bring a mHealth application to fruition.

If you’re interested in bringing a mHealth app to the market, consider working with our highly skilled team of application developers here at Dogtown Media. With over ten years of experience in the application development space, we’re confident we can be your trusted partner in bringing your mHealth application from idea to reality.

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