Awesome Google Glass Apps Rolling Out Live

April 25, 2013 - 1 minute read

google play myglass appThe lucky 8,000 developers taking part in private release of Google Glass have another reason to smile. A number of high quality apps are making their way to the App store, with the New York Times releasing their very own Google Glass app today. According to the Verge, “The app is able to deliver breaking news to Glass on an hourly basis, and with a simple “look up” head motion will display photos, headlines, and even read the text of a given story. ”

We can expect this to be one of many of high tech applications to launch over the coming months. The exclusivity factor of Google Glass is ramping up consumer demand for the coveted mobile device. The Google Glass app developer community is in a frenzy to get their hands on Google Glass to start designing, developing, and marketing apps for the platform right away. Many mobile industry experts predict that Google Glass is a futuristic and monumental leap in the way humanity interacts with wearable mobile technology.

As a mobile app developer there is serious interest in creating apps for Google Glass and leveraging the visual, audio, and interactive elements that are waiting eagerly to be unlocked. Google Glass isn’t expected to be released to the public for up to another year, but we foresee a burgeoning app marketplace to take form months before than.

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