How We’re Helping Boost Startup Success 400%

March 8, 2017 - 2 minutes read

If you’re an iPhone app developer, you’ve probably heard the statistic that only one in ten startups will survive their first year to become a viable business. Among those that make it, only a select few become profitable on the scale their founders envisioned. Like newly hatched sea turtles rushing for the ocean, the vast majority don’t make it to the water — let alone the deep end.

Thanks to a disruptive incubator,, those statistics are looking somewhat less grim for Columbian app developers. Since opening up shop five years ago, the incubator has developed a full 50% of partner startups into viable businesses. That’s a huge bump, particularly for tech products in an ecosystem often overshadowed by the big fish in Silicon Valley or London. Their secret to success? Strategic international partnerships and a win-win approach to doing business. Dogtown Media CEO Marc Fischer met with the group during a recent visit to the area, and we’re proud to be joining forces with the group to provide support to grassroots startup initiatives and host startup founders in our Venice Beach offices.

“There’s a stereotype among app developers that failure is the norm,” said Fischer. “Unfortunately, most tech failures come from errors that are easily avoidable. Groups like are critical to helping newcomers avoid those pitfalls, and we’re proud to support them any way we can.”

In addition to traditional incubator and mentorship programs, also offers free learning resources and classes to the Columbian tech community, allowing anyone with interest and drive to jump into the market — bringing their unique skills and backgrounds along with them. Some San Fran app developers view tech as an ivory tower, yet some of the greatest startups success stories have come out of making sure the mobile market is accessible for all. The biggest startup opportunities of 2017 may be well outside the market borders we tend to focus on in the US tech economy. Thanks to, Columbian startups are sure to be a major part of that picture.

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