Over the past few year our talented team at Dogtown Media has developed a number of unique modules for use in our IOS apps. Recently, several developers have approached us seeking out technological assistance creating similar components for their own apps. We’ve decided that it’s time to give back to the developer community that has given much help to us.

We believe in conserving precious development time whenever and not trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s just smart business. Hence why we are releasing many of our highly customizable components developed in-house for past projects.

Some of the components we’re releasing will be open source, freely available for all. Other more complex IOS modules we have developed will be made available to the developer community at what we consider to be a fair and reasonable price. Charging a small amount for components enables us to recoup some of our development costs, as well as continue producing cutting edge IOS technology for you to put to good use.

DM Crop

Our first component to be released is called “DM Crop”, an image cropping tool for iPhone apps. DM Crop allows developers to take their photo app to the next level with a customized image cropping script. Your app’s users will be able to easily remove portions of a photo by selecting any area of an image and resize the image by editing the height and width dimensions. It’s as simple as choosing the area that you wish to keep and then cutting out the rest. We’ve ensured that integration into a new or existing app is a quick and simple process.

Check out DM Crop iOS Component.

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