New B2B Website Top Design Firms Celebrates Dogtown Media

August 13, 2021 - 3 minutes read

At Dogtown Media, we have technical brilliance and innovative creativity to bring the mobile future to you. Based in the City of Angels, California, our company is made up of the finest thinkers that dedicate themselves to serving companies from all over the world. We are devoted to your success and we make sure to be the best along with you.

As our team grinds to prove our worth, this new partnership with Top Design Firms, the latest emerging B2B platform, excites us. This year, the platform, brought by the creators of Clutch, will officially make its debut to the public.

Top Design Firms is specially designed to help corporate buyers know relevant data-driven content regarding the B2B space. The site publishes survey reports, agency rankings, and blog-style content that tackles the design, development, and marketing sectors.

According to Top Design Firms’ research, Dogtown Media is among the top-rated agencies this 2021. Our team was listed among the 100 best IoT consulting companies as our clients’ reviews prove our expertise in the service.

This recognition celebrates our team’s dedication. We are beyond honored to be part of Top Design Firms’ top 100 list. Moving forward, we can’t wait to collaborate with more industry professionals and help more businesses grow.

Our clients made this recognition possible. The Dogtown Media team was able to rank highly thanks to our clients’ phenomenal support and warm appreciation. We are grateful for the 27 remarkable reviews provided by our clients on Clutch.

Wondering about what they say about Dogtown Media’s services? Take a look at some quotes from our clients’ Clutch reviews here:

“Personality, synergy, and being able to click with a group are really important. I’ve worked with groups much bigger and much smaller than ours, and success is really about forming a relationship. How we get along with that group matters a lot. Dogtown has a certain “it” quality. They got us and we got them.”

 — Co-Founder & President, LaunchPad Media

“The fact that they’ve done this before for several other health systems is great. They know exactly how to tailor their product and what to ask the client. Their team has really perfected the art of this. They’re responsive and quick to make any improvements or changes. Dogtown Media is great to work with.” 

Senior Management Associate, Atrium Health

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