Teenagers Driving the Next Wave of Mobile Innovation

April 4, 2013 - 1 minute read
1980s mobile phone

The Good Ole’ Days

Adults grew up in the time of make believe when land line telephones, beepers, and Atari games ruled the tech universe. Times have certainly changed, and the tech sector continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Like a snowball growing in size, strength and speed rolling down a hill, the mobile development ecosystem is constantly recalibrating and learning to suit the end users’ interests.

No mobile app user is more demanding and fickle than teenagers, who are digital natives growing up with smartphones and tablets in hand at all times. Their behavior shapes the tech industry’s future. According to a new report released by Business Insider, 47% of teens own a smartphone and more than 50% prefer to use their phone to access the internet over a PC.

Ask any game or social media mobile app developer in Los Angeles who their core target market is and you’ll get the same response; teens. Teenagers are the most active and sometimes engaged of all iPhone app users. They value their mobile experience more than any other demographic and will likely be the first to delete an app that they find fault with. When undertaking iPhone app developer we encourage devs we speak with to always release apps that solve a problem and cater to their end-users needs.

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