The New Apple Headquarters is Steve Job’s Final Product Launch

February 23, 2017 - 2 minutes read

San Francisco iPhone app developers have been watching with interest as Apple readies to launch their iconic new headquarters in Silicon Valley. In many ways, the building has taken on a new significance after Steve Jobs passed away — it was one of the final “products” he pitched and developed as head of the company, a building he intended to be “the home of innovation for generations to come.”

The building has finally been completed, according to statements from the company yesterday, and the move-in will take place sometime in April (in incremental steps, of course). True to Job’s vision, the circular design has already earned the nickname of “the spaceship campus.” To app developers, the smooth circular shape is clearly a direct homage to the brand’s iconic smartphone designs. To boot, the whole campus is powered by renewable energy. 175 acres in total the building features research laves, a visitor center, a theater named for the late Steve Jobs, and even an orchard. A few steps short of the utopian tech campus vision put forth in The Circle, the property is nonetheless a perfect fit for brand, particularly as it transitions into a new era of smartphone saturation and app development.

In spite of investor fears, sales stats have shown that apple products — hardware and software alike — continue to grow, with record-setting holiday sales that showed a 5% bump in hardware sales alone compared to the previous year. In spite of their premium positioning, they even beat out big mass-market products from the likes of Samsung.

Tim Cook has often faced criticism from iOS app developers over the direction of recent product launches, but the new campus is a reminder that the company is doing perfectly well. Far from driving down developer profits, renewed competition from the likes of Google for premium hardware and software products has only raised the bar on what smartphones can do for everyone.

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