Video-Enabled Healthcare: The Next Big Thing?

January 28, 2015 - 2 minutes read

doctor video chat app

According to a recent poll, 64 percent of Americans indicated that they would take advantage of video-enabled doctor visits. The same survey, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of American Well, also found that 7 percent of respondents said they would switch to a healthcare provider that incorporated telehealth technologies into its service plan. In addition, the study determined that 63 percent of respondents believe telehealth technologies offer the potential for greater diagnostic accuracy than that of email and telephone-based remote services.

For healthcare app developers, this heralds a major opportunity. Mobile video offers deep untapped potential in the world of healthcare, especially among young adults. According to Mary Modahl, the chief marketing officer at American Well, healthcare marketing needs to make heavy investments in digital platforms. “The days of running TV ads, sending printed postcards, putting up office posters and hosting health fairs are coming to an end,” she said. “Marketing for health has got to be digital first, with mobile video taking center stage.”

Cost savings and increased choice are the two primary drivers of telehealth’s value proposition. According to recent statistics, a first-time in-office doctor visit costs an average of $82. American Well links new patients to doctors and specialists for just $49 – a savings of more than 40 percent. In addition, mobile healthcare services afford patients greater choice of doctors and specialists, allowing them to choose a physician based on a wide range of relevant factors.

Telehealth services are also much more convenient, especially for non-emergency health concerns and obtaining prescriptions, especially for bacterial infections and chronic conditions that require ongoing medicinal management. Chicago mobile app development professionals and software developers around the country can take advantage of this major future growth area by creating apps that deliver affordable and expedient healthcare services to patients.



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