Call-Recording App Yallo Raises 2.5 Million in Capital

December 3, 2015 - 2 minutes read

For anybody that’s been disappointed by the surprisingly lackluster options when it comes to call recording options on iOS and Android devices, we recommend you take a close look at Yallo. The Israeli startup is turning heads in an industry full of app developers looking for the next big communication medium by focussing their efforts on improving actual phone calls. (You know, like the ones your Grandma used to make.)

The app developers at Yallo turned even more heads when they recently raised well over 2 million in venture capital to fund their growth. Early test of the app have been overwhelmingly positive, signalling an eager market for simple apps that integrate with the native functions of iPhones and Android devices.

While it’s the streamlined call-recording feature that has San Francisco iPhone app developers talking, Yallo also features VoIP dialer functionality, allowing users to place calls over Wi-Fi, similar to the piggybacking features of “budget” smartphone plans like Google Fi and Republic Wireless — useful for traveling abroad among other applications.

While recording calls brings to mind some obvious legal issues, current features like auto-alerts within calls make callers aware based on local laws.

With most of the recent venture capital gain coming from German telecom company Deutsche Telekom, app developers can be sure that the humble smartphone app can still revolutionize even the less “cutting-edge” features of the cell/smartphone industry. Clearly, the telecom companies have taken notice and are putting their money where their mouth is, signalling big opportunities for a new generation of apps integrating with native features.

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