Connected Devices Are Changing Our Relationship with Electronics

March 23, 2015 - 2 minutes read

iot connected devices

The age of the Internet of Things (IoT) is fast approaching, and it promises to transform the way we live our everyday lives. Homes will automatically heat to the perfect temperature, just in time for your return from work. Garage doors will open on their own as soon as your car is within range, and your house will unlock without keys when you wave at a wall-mounted sensor.

Yet, for all the unprecedented change the IoT will bring, one of the major lingering questions revolves around what will happen to older, unconnected appliances. Many homeowners and business owners won’t be able to pony up the money to replace all their appliances. Retrofitting technologies that could connect these devices to the IoT is in development, but it’s more likely to expect in the short term for such appliances to be outfitted with sensors and usage tracking technologies.

These sensors will be able to track power consumption, usage patterns, and a wide range of other metrics which will yield important information. By analyzing this data, homeowners and business owners can make simple changes or repairs that will help them cut electricity usage, reduce costs and ultimately save money. Collected data can also be used to predict equipment and appliance failures, and identify the nature and urgency of necessary repairs. Internet of things app developers will be leading this charge, through the creation of specialized software that allows users to access and manage this data from their smartphones.

Chicago mobile app developers and software development professionals the world over see the IoT as a major growth area. Experts and analysts project that by the end of the decade, the Internet of Things explosion will be in full force, with its revolutionary technologies creating incredible growth and burgeoning opportunity in the global software and IT industries.

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