DeepFrame Wants You to Ditch Your AR Glasses

January 26, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Out of all of the technologies of the future, augmented reality (AR) feels the most disconnected from a consumer standpoint. Unless you’re attending new tech conferences or have a buddy in AR, getting to play with cutting-edge (or any) AR is rare for the average consumer. Pokemon Go was a huge success partially because of this fact; Pokemon Go brought AR to the masses with a free, highly accessible game.

AR glasses, however, and most wearable technologies are still out of reach for the average consumer. Realfiction, a startup focusing on bringing mixed reality (MR) and holographic wearables to the market, recently showcased their 64-inch screen that’s capable of playing AR and MR for anyone standing around. That’s right — you don’t need to be wearing any special glasses to see AR in front of you.

Getting Down to Business

Don’t get excited yet; it’s not meant for your home. Dubbed “DeepFrame,” the curved display will transform the way we shop, ask for quotes, and pitch business ideas. Its 4K OLED technology relies on optics to pull off the AR seamlessly. The output is reflected from a display in front of the screen, which means if you have an 8K TV in the future, the resolution will be 8K too.

If you’re really interested in playing around with the DeepFrame, you could possibly embed it into your car’s dashboard or an existing window. Between the flexibility in resolution and location of the DeepFrame, Realfiction’s cooked up a truly innovative AR/MR gadget.

Other Applications for AR

The Copenhagen-based AR developer’s been tight-lipped about prices, but they do estimate starting costs to hover around $60,000. While most consumers won’t fork over that kind of money, Realfiction is marketing the product towards larger businesses, like retail giants, hotels, malls, and car dealerships. Realtors, doctors, and even lawyers can benefit from this large screen too. In business applications, the DeepFrame’s potential is endless.

Most consumers won’t see it that way as a TV screen in their home. However, another cool feature of the DeepFrame is its ability to connect people virtually for a chat. Talking to your sister’s hologram in real-time halfway across the world is now possible, even though it’s currently out of most people’s budgets.

Coming to a Consumer Near You

The company isn’t giving up on innovating for consumers, however. It says the DeepFrame can function with a tablet or cellphone, making it much more accessible for innovation in mobile app development. It’s always nice to see a company making waves outside of the usual tech hubs, like NYC or San Francisco. We look forward to seeing what else Denmark-based Realfiction creates next!

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