Duet Turns iPad and iPad Pro Into Second Screen

December 29, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Ever fantasized about running OS X on your iPad or iPad Pro? Who are we kidding — there isn’t an iPhone app developer in Dallas who hasn’t. It’s tough to go back to a single screen when you’re accustomed to a dual-screen setup at home or in the office.

That frustration has become the mission for a new iPad and Mac app called Duet Display, which turns an ordinary iPad or iPad Pro into a lightning-fast high-resolution second screen. (To the tune of 60 frames per second, according to app testers at TechCrunch.)

A promotional video from the company emphasizes the use of the app for travelers and creatives on the go, with photographers, writers, musicians, and mobile app developers all using Duet Display in some facet of their active on-the-go lifestyle.

While using two screens on the subway seems a little bit overboard, for the most part applications of the app are obvious and extremely helpful. Everyone that relies on their laptop for work has been in a situation where you’re trying to catch up on a project over the weekend or out of town, only to find your productivity cut in half by the constant need to switch between screens. After all, you don’t have to be an iPhone app developer to take advantage of some extra real estate.

So far as iPad hack apps go, the smartest move the app development team behind Duet Display has implemented is using the iPad’s standard USB cord to run the screen connection, practically eliminating the lag that users find with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. Since Apple has yet to release a cable that can take advantage of the iPad Pro’s USB 3.0 transfer speeds, Duet Display users will have to wait a bit to get the maximum bang for buck out of the app. Regardless, anybody with an on-the-go lifestyle stands to gain a lot from using Duet Display as a productivity tool.

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