Google Glass Gets Major Update, New Intuitive Features Added

July 2, 2013 - 1 minute read

google glass web browserGoogle Glass just received a major software update unlocking new features for the wearable device. 8,000 lucky  Glass owners have been providing a constant stream of feedback and recommending improvements to the platform. Google’s Glass development team has been listening closely to user feedback during the initial Explorer Edition phase and has been incrementally rolling out improvements to the Android based platform.

The first of two major features added allows users to browse websites with simple slide and tap movements. The second feature enables users to activate new functionality through voice commands. According to the Google Glass aficionados at tech blog Venture Beat, “If a family member texts you, you can say “OK Glass, read aloud” to have it read to you. Then you can respond with “OK Glass, reply.” You can also answer incoming phone calls by saying “OK Glass, answer call.”

As an iPhone app developer in NYC its exciting to see the potential being unlocked by this new device. New disruptive technology platforms come about once in a blue moon and the possibilities are truly limitless if Google Glass is able to achieve widespread public adoption. The transition into wearable mobile devices is long overdue and a new generation of Google Glass app developers are coming into their own.

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