iPhone and Android Devices Becoming Real-life Remote Controls

January 6, 2014 - 2 minutes read

ios remote control

The continued development of cloud computing has laid the groundwork for a near-future reality in which a single device — your smartphone — will begin to act like a kind of remote control device for your whole life. Because smartphones and tablet computers now rely on “the cloud” to boost their data processing potential, a whole new world of capabilities is opening up to end users.

The Android and iPhone app developer movement is largely responsible for this fundamental shift. Before apps came along, there was no need for smartphones to draw on outside resources to do the heavy lifting when it came to processing. The rise of the app is what triggered the move from device-based to cloud-based computing. Factor in the next-generation capabilities of Bluetooth technology and the standardization of Wi-Fi Direct connectivity, and you’ll see smartphones and tablets that are capable of tracking and controlling just about everything you come in contact with.

Thanks to the combination of apps, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphones will soon be capable of everything from paying for your lunch and adjusting your thermostat to switching TV channels and setting your DVR. In essence, your smartphone or tablet will become a kind of “remote control” device for your life, capable of connecting your car, your home comfort system, your television and your bank account to a single handheld device. What’s more is that you’ll be able to use your smartphone not just as a remote control device, but also as an optimization tool. It will help you reduce energy consumption, live more efficiently and save money.

The necessary technology already exists, and with the right technical standards in place and a growing base of consumers ready to embrace new capabilities, the future of the smartphone will soon arrive. An ocean of new opportunities for Android and iPhone app developers in Atlanta will arrive with it, creating endless new potential for software professionals.

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