IPhone App Developers at Poncho Launch Mobile Weather App

February 16, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Poncho iPhone app

Techies, NYC iPhone app developers, and animated GIF aficionados have been using email alerts from the innovative weather service Poncho for several months now. As of last week that service is expanding to a full-fledged native iPhone app including coverage for 48 states and a host of fun new features, positioning the quirky startup to become a household name. (At least, among app-savvy millennials worried about their daily commute.)

Quick recap: Poncho is a New York-based startup founded on the premise that current weather reportage is outdated, time-consuming, and most importantly un-fun. Subscribers to the savvy iPhone app developers’ email alerts system receive daily updates on the weather at a time of their choosing, complete with pertinent suggestions for how to dress and what gear you might want to remember for braving your commute.

What’s gotten Poncho noticed by press and the public, however, is the energetic and humorous packaging — every report is accompanied by a pertinent animated GIF and one-liner. A little bit of comradery goes a long way when you find out that it’s going to be raining and 41 degrees all day.

If you haven’t been using Poncho already, signup is easy at their website. Email and SMS service will continue in tandem with the native iPhone app experience for the foreseeable future. New York iPhone app developers may be worried to add one more email to their inbox, but we can vouch for it being worth the real estate. (Some days it’s the only email I read, to be honest.)

For those who go ahead and download the iPhone app, get ready for a totally new experience. Not only do you get the heartening weather reports you already know and love, but you also get specially-tailored morning alarms and new warnings for everything from how bad the commute is going to be to how the day’s humidity will affect your hair’s frizziness.

The main question is: how have mainstream weather reports been getting away with not covering the delicate balance between humidity and your haircut?

Download Poncho and be the judge yourself.

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