Johnnie Walker and Uber Team Up to Promote Alcohol Safety

January 6, 2015 - 2 minutes read

johnny walker uber app

In an innovative example of mobile marketing synergy, Scotch whisky distiller Johnnie Walker and Uber, a popular ride-sharing service, have teamed up to promote a powerful alcohol safety message. The specifics of the partnership include Johnnie Walker sponsoring 250,000 kilometers (about 156,000 miles) of free ride points, which Uber will distribute through its location-based service. The pilot project is based in the British cities of London, Leeds and Manchester.

Analysts note the similarity between the Johnnie Walker-Uber partnership and AT&T’s popular It Can Wait program, which was created to communicate the dangers of distracted driving. According to expert onlookers, both Johnnie Walker and Uber stand to benefit from the safety campaign, which builds legitimacy and positivity among customers while boosting brand awareness.

Johnnie Walker estimates that it will be able to provide about 30,000 people with free Uber rides through the program. Uber is looking to continue its international expansion efforts, as the company has recently benefitted from a $1.2 billion influx of capital. For its part, Johnnie Walker has produced an interactive online video designed to drive home the “don’t drink and drive” message.

For mobile application developers, a number of important trends can be seen in the Johnnie Walker-Uber campaign. First, it signals the growing importance of synergy and cross-company cooperation in the mobile marketing landscape. Second, it illustrates an innovative and effective way to create apps that meet multiple branding objectives while providing high value to end users.

If you’re engaged with iPhone app development in Boston or any other major American city, chances are you’ve already seen how these trends are shaping the current business mobile app development landscape. With wireless and mobile Internet usage expected to increase exponentially in the years ahead, it isn’t a stretch to say that there could be an explosion of apps that use this approach in the near future.

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