Mobile Apps and their Place in the Post-Pandemic World

June 10, 2021 - 7 minutes read

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From remote work, to social distancing, seemingly every aspect of our daily lives have undergone a massive change due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we’re by no means saying we’re in a post pandemic world, as many countries around the world continue to suffer from the challenges brought on by COVID-19. However, in the United States, with cases dropping and businesses beginning to open back up, we’re right around the corner from entering what many people would term the post-pandemic world.

And as we start to reenter the office, attend a sports game, or eat at our favorite restaurants we are likely to find that this post-pandemic world still looks very different from the world we lived in just a short year ago. Before you panic, be assured that we’ve found that many of the technology changes that have been brought on by this pandemic, have actually created a net positive in many individuals’ lives. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the mobile applications that were born out of this past year’s pandemic – or existing applications that gained immense traction – that are creating a resounding net positive impact in the daily lives of individuals.

QR Codes and Custom Business Applications

Using Smartphone Scanning QR Code for bill payment option

As we’ve all seen, the use of QR codes have skyrocketed. From restaurant menus, to hotel check in, organizations are developing custom applications that use QR code technology to make their products and services more easily accessible to users. Of course, this technology was incredibly useful during the height of the pandemic, as users wanted to incorporate contactless technology as much as possible to limit their exposure to the virus. 

However, based on user sentiment, it seems that this type of technology is here to stay. We’re seeing that users are continuing to choose QR-based contactless options over the traditional process. Our assessment is this type of shift is going to have long standing effects in how people interact with the world around them. Today, it may be a QR code, but this type of shift is absolutely causing businesses to ask the question of how they can innovate to meet the requests of today’s modern consumer.

Telehealth Applications

Another amazing shift during the height of the pandemic was the use of telehealth services. Today, many individuals are opting to stay home and engage in health services remotely. From speaking with a psychiatrist, to inquiring about health issues, many individuals are finding there’s less of a need to schedule an onsite visit when they can get the same level of care, supported by the innovation and progress of mobile applications coming online. So, what does this mean for the future? Well, the data points to more and more individuals feeling comfortable in adopting these remote health services and that means opportunity for organizations. Many organizations are finding that this dramatic shift in the market is creating new opportunities for innovation. Our assessment is that we should see a continued increase in these types of remote-focused telehealth applications coming online in the near future.

Video Conferencing Applications

Rear View of Asian Business man say hello with teamwork colleague in video conference when Coronavirus outbreak, Covid-19 pandemic,headphone and online meeting,Social distancing and new normal concept

Lastly, we’ve all seen the massive adoption of video conferencing applications. From Teams to webex, every organization has their go-to video conferencing application that they use to facilitate remote work. Now, what makes this pandemic-driven shift different, is that a huge majority of organizations had to adapt quickly to move their entire workforce remote. This created an opportunity for these video conferencing applications to shine, showing that a lot of the work that we believed had to take place in person can be done remotely. As we’ve all seen, many organizations today are now adopting a fully remote workforce after seeing how successfully their organization can run with the use of these video conferencing applications.

Our assessment here is this flexibility around work is only the beginning. If we look at employee sentiment, a resounding majority of employees appreciate flexibility in their ability to work from home. This newly found desire for flexibility is going to continue to push companies to innovate and provide new technologies that enable the remote workforce. Here, it will be innovative companies that reshape what the future of remote work looks like in even one to two years!

The Future of Mobile Application Development

Hopefully these examples have reemphasized the incredible technological shift that this pandemic has brought on. As we move forward and look to enter the new normal, we believe that organizations have an incredible duty and responsibility to build a safer, more technologically-advanced world. This development initiative begins with building the right team around you and implementing an effective development process.

If you’re looking to develop a mobile application consider reaching out to our dedicated team here at Dogtown Media.

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