Netflix Secures Top Grossing iPhone App Rating

December 13, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Netflix’s app has only been available in the Apple App Store for a year or so. In spite of it’s newcomer status to mobile, the app just snagged Apple’s coveted “top grossing iPhone app” rating, signaling huge potential for NYC iOS app developers entering the mobile market with streaming-based products.

The rating comes as a suprise to some tech pundits, who expected Netflix’s market to near saturation point within this year. Continued growth has proven this false, although incoming changes to Net Neutrality under a GOP administration could cause trouble for the company as ISPs move to secure their piece of the pie from all the video streaming traffic on their networks. Regardless, Q3 earnings show that growth is significantly up from the past year, creating significant confidence in investors and developers.

Netflix’s app developers attribute the gain partly to the network’s aggressive move into unique programming, with well over 20 original shows slated within the year already. Unlike a traditional television network, Netflix doesn’t have to adhere to blockbuster ratings and other roadblocks between shooting and release, allowing the company to behave more like a startup than a media company: nimble, quick to react, and in touch with younger viewers.

Streaming video has been a continually rising metric for app developers ever since smartphones and wireless networks became viable for video content. Snapchat and similar social media apps have seen significant success pushing custom branded video content on their platforms. Startups entering the space will be competing with big players, but the writing is on the wall for mainstream media: mobile video is here to stay, and mobile app developers will continue adapting.

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