Past Life Lovers iPhone App for Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2012 - 2 minutes read

Past Life Lovers iPhone App

Dogtown Media is pleased to announce the release of Past Life Lovers, an advanced guided meditation iPhone app.

This revolutionary app for the iPhone¬† enables love-struck couples to uncover the hidden truths of their relationship. Using past life regressions therapy, people can explore the connection to their lover and find out if you’re destined to be together.

The meditation session, led by acclaimed hypnotherapist and author, Anne Jirsch, explains why when you meet your true love it may feel like a thunderbolt has struck, leaving you breathless.

Expose the divine links that exist in your love life by:

– Discovering if your soul is intertwined with your lover through previous lifetimes.
– Breaking free from the shortcomings that limit your ability to love.
– Letting go of personal fears and relationship anxieties that plague your love life.

Centered upon the belief in reincarnation, Past Life Lovers helps people become spiritually enlightened by attaining insights into the survival of the soul after death.

Take a mystical journey, through meditation, into distant past lives you experienced long ago and find out how past life encounters with your companion may be effecting your present day relationship. Each experience is fascinating and unique.

As a Los Angeles iPhone app developer, Dogtown Media strives to continually create out of the box applications to improve people’s lives. Our team of tech veterans takes pride in turning app ideas into reality, channeling creativity and code into positive outcomes.

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