Vote for Rob Pope to Return to SXSW!

August 8, 2018 - 2 minutes read

We need your help! At SXSW 2018, Rob Pope, our CTO, discussed the “Internet of Scary Things” and even gave an action-packed live hacking demonstration. It was a resounding success!

At the next SXSW, Rob plans on talking about “Crypto Crime: How to Steal Cryptocurrency” and will give another live hacking demo! Voting for SXSW 2019’s PanelPicker Ideas has just opened up. Help Rob return to SXSW by voting here!

A Man of Action (and Many Tech Parts)

Do you like a little bit more tangible action mixed in with your SXSW speeches? How about when presenters show you that they don’t merely talk the talk, they walk the walk? Then you’ll love Rob Pope. He’s a four-time entrepreneur, software engineer, and cybersecurity expert. After an extensive tenure in cybersecurity, he “got a little bored of breaking into things, [so] he decided to make them instead.”

Rob ended up co-founding Dogtown Media with our CEO Marc Fischer and helped grow the L.A.-based development studio into what it is today. He has a curious mind primed for tinkering and loves taking a deep-dive into disruptive technologies. So far, he’s helmed the launch of over 100 digital products!

During his 2018 SXSW presentation, Rob examined some of the most recent, infamous IoT device hacks and discussed whether the ensuing media hysteria was warranted. On top of that, he did a live IoT hack called “Botnet in a Box” to show the actual steps a hacker must take to infiltrate a device. It left IoT developers in attendance absolutely astounded!

So, How Exactly Do You Steal Cryptocurrencies?

For SXSW 2019, Rob’s cooked up a live demo around another hot topic we’ve all heard about: cryptocurrencies!

Is blockchain technology really so secure? How did so much money get stolen from crypto exchanges over the past few months? Is it really that easy to hack? And how can you protect your crypto assets? Rob’s going to take a deep-dive into all of this, and then some. But first, let’s take the first step towards making this a reality:

Help Rob return to SXSW! Vote here now!

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